Email me comments from your trample experience you would like to share and I will post them here. With or without your name...

-  I have always struggled a bit in my head with my submission but definitely not to you...

 - I also love being under your heel's as you trample, I don't think I have enjoyed anyone trampling me more than you...

- No one has ever done that to me before, and I am still shocked that I let you do it. I remember trying to concentrate on you and what you look like rather than the pain, so maybe that is why I was able to take genuinely seem to be a nice person and I am still fansinated why I let you give me a flogging, as I have never had it done before... I just remember concentrating on you and I did not feel the pain of the flogger, a really strange feeling having that much trust in some one.


Seductive rhythm

Point-paused in driven pain

Swaying pirouettes of piercing pleasure.

The pressure of her regard

Holds eyes fast

To twinkling pupils

Sense-dilated expressions

Of art's immersion.

Those most female curves

Of long languid legs

Flaring hips

Distracting swells of cheeks & breast.

Such crushing mastery,

Smiling Sadism,

With warmest connections

She drives her dance



I breathe her power

To give me strength;

I will endure

To revel

In her pleasures,

As often as I may.

(written by Alastor93)