Do I have to have experience?

Won't Stiltto Heels puncture my soft flesh?

No and there is not any lasting damage.  You need to declare if you have had any injuries that may have caused a weakness.  A stiletto heel does leave  a temporary impression, warmth and tingling.  A body new to trample may develop some bruising from the body weight and any heel marks disappear within a few weeks. The satisfying heel trade mark can be enjoyed for up to 2 weeks.

Trample, Shoe/Foot Worship etc is my fetish and not BDSM!

Foremost I love to trample (vanilla or fetish).  

Domination and BDSM do not have to be included and session content can be discussed in advance. You are under experienced heels and in safe hands

No I have plenty!  Trample is my passion and has been for years.  Any body waiting in anticipation, needs to have its flesh teased to take it up to its desired attention levels.   I can start very gently....