Apparently I used to get my twin brother to push me around in the toy bricks trolley, while I sat telling him      

                                   where to take me...  As a child I always loved the smell of leather.  Lying down in the back of a Mercedes to

                                    sleep on long car journeys, leather furniture and my Father's leather jackets were all very comforting.   One year on

                                a family holiday in Spain, my Father bought me a leather bull whip.  The sound of the leather creaking as I would move it around in my hands, the smell and the feel of the plaited leather.  Then the cracking sound, I would stand there for ages trying to create the loudest, crispest sounds (I wish I still had it).  I noticed that horse riding saddles had the same sound and smell, with the added bonus of the feel of the leather reins.    

    I grew up either getting on, or fighting with my brother.  I did find that the quickest way to win in any situation was to kick him in the balls.  Unfortunately for me my parents made me stop reacting in this way as “it can be dangerous...”   This was also brought to my attention by the Head Master when I decided to prevent the school bully in his tracks.  Sadly by Secondary School, ball busting was no longer a natural reaction (though the skill has now been re-kink-led...)    

    My Mother wouldn’t let me wear heels till I was 16yrs and even then it was just low court shoes.  I was itching to get into stilettos but “they damage your feet” she would say.  I admired the strength and focus of the women in Dallas and Dynasty.  Power Dressing Suits, with fitted pencil skirts and sharp neat stilettos.  Those Women knew what they wanted and they got it.  Within a year I was wearing high heels.  Stilettos look so pretty and really finish off the aesthetic leg line, ankle and foot arches.  When I put on a Stiletto it automatically makes me feel more feminine, gives me extra internal confidence and allows my posture to align naturally.  The sound of my heels as they impact on a hard surface and especially with an echo, enjoyably turn heads (male and Female).  It is the clicking sound that turns heads, I know it’s the shoe and not me.  I adore how the sound of a heel alone has this power and I enjoy its affects almost every day.  Give me a straight, long corridor or a busy shopping centre and I can amuse/indulge myself as I strut in their liberation.      

    When I left home I was free to explore life around me and watch late night television.  Whenever anything fetish/BDSM was shown, I was transfixed.   There was something so erotic and exciting about the imagery of the clothing and striking power of the Females.  The attention to detail of shiny, figure hugging materials that catch the light, powerful postures and sensational heels.   I also found the imagery of the masculine submissive enticing.  The Female prowess, controlled use of the all crops, canes, chains, ropes etc the sounds of impact, power exchange, eye contact, objectification, sensory and sensuality.  It looked so exciting, but was still such a taboo.      

One day a name on a Social Networking site caught my eye.  It implied a deep liking for my favourite style of shoe.   Before I even took my first steps into this realm, I knew I was opening a bigger can of worms.  In private I learnt the art and my TRAMPLE confidence grew, along with a deep appreciation for the intensity of the play.    

    After a couple of vanilla relationships, I visited a friend in Germany.  Here I went kink shopping for the first time and spent the week attending various Fetish Clubs, Munches and Workshops.  My kink cherry was well and truly popped and the true TEMPTRESS emerged.    

    I enjoy the socialising, handy variety of play and freedom of the Club Scene, in which I have many friends.  Careful and calculated scenarios in public are exhilarating, subtle where needed and surprising for onlookers where situations are mutually appropriate to be a little more adventurous.  In private 1-1 sessions a deeper individual intensity and connection can be explored.  With the right focus, Trample can work deep into your mind with the ultimate relationship between pleasure, sensation and the desire to submit .        

    BUT the most important connection is that of your flesh and my stiletto heel.  The satisfying sight of your skin indenting from the pressure of my Stiletto Heel.  Sinking into your soft outer layer and creating those wanton sensations.  I remove my heel, you feel the warmth and a temporary impression is left behind.        Are you ready for more?                   Temptress    x